Tuesday, August 11, 2009


As I post this, we are finishing up Tuesday. Our plane leaves on Saturday at 10:30am, Korea time. We will land in Portland on Saturday at 11:59am. Needless to say, it will probably be a LONG day.

We've been bantering back and forth about the things that we will miss and the things that we won't miss.

Here is the rough list.

We will miss...
-the adventure of traveling.
-learning about a new culture.
-the ability to talk about whatever we want, wherever we want, without people really understanding us.
-how cheap eating out is.
-super fast Internet
-the Jim Jil Bang, which is like a spa, minus the special treatments. It only costs $5 to stay for as long as you want.
-spending so much time with kids.
-using public transportation (We LOVE taking the train and it's only $5 to get to the beach!)
-having time to read fiction
-the wonderful friends we've made.
-I'm sure a lot more things that we can't even think of now in the craze of leaving...

We won't miss...
-kimchi, and for that matter, a good portion of Korean food
-not having an oven, dryer, or dish washer
-not speaking the language well and always feeling bad or ignorant because of it.
-the ability of other people to talk about us while we are in the same room as them, assuming that we don't understand. A lot of times we don't, but you learn the word for foreigner or white-person pretty quickly. (Keith speaks WAY more Korean than I do. He understands about 20% of what he hears.)
-how expensive imported food is. (Example: can of Campbell's soup...as much as $5)
-having to look at the pictures on everything to figure out what is what. (Example: salt vs. sugar, dish soap vs. laundry soap.)
-not having a car or bicycle when going to the store on that one day where you have to buy all the heavy stuff.

What we can't WAIT for...
-seeing family and friends
-being just "a phone call away"
-Mexican food
-grocery shopping
-having our bikes back
-solving small problems with ease

This is it. We are really leaving. It's been an incredible year.

(Sorry for the lack of pictures. Keith's hard drive crashed 3 weeks ago. My computer no longer has internet capabilities for a reason that I do not understand and thus, cannot fix. Also, I accidentally packed the camera cord and I have no idea which suitcase it's in. So, pictures from this summer, our anniversary, and our final days coming soon.)
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