Monday, May 25, 2009

The Last Several Weeks

Sorry for the blog neglect. But, here we are.

We have spent the last several weeks trying to see more of the country and enjoying the beginning of the warm dry weather before the rainy season hits.

We have only 12 more weeks in Korea. This last nine months has flown by...well, on most days. It's hard to believe that it's already been one year since we graduated college and saw most of our friends in Oklahoma City.

Many people are asking what our plans are for the fall and we have some answers! We will be returning to the US on August 15th with just enough time to pack up our cars and drive across the country. This cross country move will take us a little farther than Oklahoma City though. We are moving to Durham, North Carolina for me (Megan) to begin a master's program at Duke University. Keith will be working the first year we are there and beginning the tedious and thorough process of applying to PA and Nursing Schools in the area.

We have never been to Durham before, or North Carolina. But, we had also never been to Korea before, and we've managed here just fine. Although moving to a new place does always bring a few uncertainties, moving and living here has pretty much thrown us into a whirlwind more than any city in the US could possibly have...or at least, so we think.

Durham seems like a pretty cool city and we are looking forward to its proximity to other places in the US that we haven't been able to spend any or little time before, such as DC and the Appalachian Mountains.

Both our Moms, Gayle and Lynette, tell us that people often ask how they can be praying for us. What a blessing it is to feel like we are remembered and supported even when we are so far away. We are praying now that Keith will be able to find a job, preferably in his field, but any job at all would be an answer to prayer when we come back to the states. We have been so blessed to have job security here in Korea this year in midst of the economic crisis, unlike so many others. We are also praying that God would bless us with good friends and relationships when we move once again. The friends that we've made over this year have become our temporary family; the people that we spent Christmas with and traveled with and that have supported us in this first year of our marriage. We are so grateful.

That's enough about the future though. We are trying to soak up every last minute of our time here in this part of Asia. In two weeks, we will be going to Tokyo for a long weekend, which we are really excited about. Over the last several weeks, we've visited some nice places around the country and we will continue to do so over our remaining 12 weeks.

Here are some pictures of what we've been doing while we haven't been updating our blog in no particular order...

Fortress Wall in Suwon, which is half way between Cheonan (our city) and Seoul

This view from the wall is an older part of the city...a sight we don't see often where we live.

The wall Keith is leaning on is older than our country.

A couple of weeks ago, we had a total of nine people in our apartment for a fajita dinner. This is the most people we have ever had over at one time...primarily because we didn't think it would be possible to feed nine people in our apartment at one time. But, it worked and it was great. We did, however, run out of dishes. So, Stephanie ate her fajita salad out of a frying pan.

Another train ride to the coast without any seats. This was the most crowded train we've ever been on. But, after about 45 minutes, we were able to find a place to sit on the floor of the dining car.

These two little kids are playing with a buoy that's washed up on the shore and having the time of their lives.

This is the biggest sitting Buddha in Korea. It's one of the big attractions for many people who come visit our smaller city.

The lanterns are in celebration of Buddha's birthday a few weeks ago.

An alley in Seoul in the foreigner district. This is the part of Seoul where we go to eat hamburgers, go grocery shopping at the foreign food market, and buy English books.

Another day trip to Daecheon Beach for Shannon's Birthday on the west coast.

Easter Sunday with a little girl from church. She is wearing her "hombook" in celebration of Easter.

This particular Saturday, we rented bicycles and rode along the Han River in Seoul for the Cherry Blossom Festival.

This is at Independence Hall, which is a museum and memorial celebrating Korea's independence from Japan. We both ran the 10k in the 2nd Annual Hope Marathon with our friend Steve.

Keith's weagookin (foreigner) soccer team that plays various Korean church teams on Sunday afternoons.

That was a lot of catching up. Thanks for checking up on us.
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